What You Should Know Before Writing An App?

One of the main reasons people go in to careers in app development is the chance to earn big with a simple idea. You can start by a small investment and if your idea catches on, your whole future will be depending on it. This can be very appealing and there is a colossal market for such apps. Almost all the people around the world use smartphones and they have different needs. You can fixate on a consumer and develop an app that will highly appeal to those in the target group.
The most common choice is mobile application development. There are different operating systems that you can choose from. An app will provide more features for a device. For example, if you’re an iOS app developer in Singapore, you can design apps that will run on all Apple devices. There is a drawback to writing mobile apps as well. This is the inability to reuse the code from one operating system to another. You will need separate codes for different devices such as android, apple, blackberry, Symbian etc.
You need to know your consumer when you’re creating a mobile app. The needs of the consumer may vary depending on the location. People in different countries are accustomed to their own traditions and culture and they will have different values. For example, android is more popular in Asia. Therefore an android app developer should be informed about what the people in that region expect from an app.
Once you have an idea for a mobile app, you have to check if there is a similar app already in use. You can modify it and improve upon its design as you wish. Once you launch your app, it is very important to listen to feedback from the users. This will help you get an idea about how your app has been received and what they expect from it. This will be convenient when it comes to modifying the app for the future. You have to make sure that your app can be used by anyone. It should be something that will make the user’s life easier. To avoid frustration among the users, optimize the app so that it doesn’t consume a lot of battery power and try not to overwhelm the user with advertisements.
There are different types of apps as well such as native apps, web based apps and hybrid apps. Native apps work for one specific platform and they are generally what we consider as mobile applications. Native apps can use the features in a device such as the camera in your phone or your address book. This is the most popular option among companies. Web apps are similar to native apps but they use the programming language HTML5 and they can be accessed the same way you access a webpage. The hybrid app is a combination of web apps and native apps.