Uses Of USB Drives

USB drives, simply known as pen drives, in their relatively brief presence in the technological world have made an impact so strong that everyone knows what a USB drive is when they hear about it. This is due to how convenient and useful an USB drive can prove to be. These are obviously used for storage purposes of data. However, there is a range of purposes where USB drives can be effectively used to obtain satisfactory results. These uses depend on the USB drive that you are using and the capabilities of the computer that it is to be plugged in. However, it does not limit what the USB drive can do when used correctly.
When considering the uses of USB drives, the main use is the storage capability. While there are USB drives with the storage that exceeds 100 Gigabytes, the more common and cost effective USB drives such as a 64gb flash drive in NZ can be used and purchased easily in the market today. There are some relatively unknown uses to these drives. It is possible to get rid of the viruses in your system with a USB drive that has virus guard software installed in it. This would mean that by plugging it in, there will be the chance to get rid of the infections within your computer easily without spending hours and hours on inefficiently searching for the virus in the system.
It is also possible to test run an operating system that is in the usb flash drive in your personal computer to check if that operating system is well suited for your computer. You are also able to protect the data in the USB drive by encrypting the data that is in it. This would add an additional layer of security while ensuring that there will be no unwanted access given through the drive. More modernized drives even give the capability to lock and unlock computers through plugging and unplugging of USB drives. Installation of maintenance software inside the USB drive would give access to using them on the computer most of the time.
There are more uses that are offered through USB drives that vary according to the price range and the manufacturer of the item. However, even most of the common uses are relatively unknown by most of the users. By knowing these uses and getting them to our knowledge, we will be able to utilize the USB drives that we have always been using with an increased ranged of uses that will surely make our lives easier.