Staying Away From Dangerous Beauty Procedures

The sad fact is that we live in a very shallow world that places great emphasis on physical appearance and looks. Every movie that we watch will especially focus on women’s looks and their bodies making it seem quite justified for people to make everything about a woman’s looks. We live in a sad world where a woman who looks like what the media says she should look like is considered more successful than the woman who is worked hard to get an education and build a career for herself. The sad fact is that looks are placed well above education and career influencing young girls to invest their hard earned money in getting various, dangerous procedures done. This is both sad and alarming because in many cases, parents are not even aware of the different dangerous procedures that their young children are spending their money on.

Awareness building and alertnessAs a parent, it is important that you teach your children, both male and female about the importance of body appreciation and of course about dismissing all of the things that they see in movies, advertisements and in fashion magazines. The sad fact is that there are many dangerous facial filler treatment, breast enlargement treatments, nose correction procedures and many other dangerous procedures that are freely available and easily accessible to women today.

Even for males, you will notice that the media emphases the importance of having a well-built body and even more alarmingly the so called importance of size in sexuality. It has been seen that young people are going on and investing money on procedures such as erectile dysfunction treatment even in cases when they do not have much of a problem.

Another terrifying thing about the media and the younger generation is porn culture that is becoming more popular every day causing girls to believe that they must look like the girls on those porn videos, unaware of the fact that those girls are made up and pumped with plastic and causing boys to have many sexual problems as a result of pornography. Erectile dysfunction is one of the well-known after effects of long term pornography use in young males although it is rarely spoken about due to pornography being such a taboo subject. In fact, this external appearance obsessed atmosphere has even caused many suicides of young girls and boys alike because they are too ashamed to face the world because they do not fit the mold that has been set by the media.