Preparing For Your Best Friends Big Day

Apart from your own wedding day, one of the next most important events in your life is no doubt your best friend’s wedding day. If you have been chosen to be the bridesmaid or importantly the maid of honour, you should start planning fast because as the maid of honour, you will have many responsibilities ahead of you including planning the hen do or the bachelorette party.

The planning processYou can visit your local wedding gift shop in Singapore which is sure to have things for your bride’s bachelorette party as well. It would be nice to keep the party tame and fun instead of wild so you can focus on giving the bride a good time and making her feel extremely special. You can have keeps sakes printed for your bride to make sure that she has a few memories of the night to help her remember it forever. Many bridal parties usually have tee shirts printed with “bride” on one tee shirt while the others have bridesmaid and maid of honour printed on them.

The type of party that your throw for your best friend depends completely on her own personality. If she is a quiet girl who likes in house movie nights and board games all night long, you might even want to scrap the wild night out on the town and invite a few of her best friend’s home to spend the night watching all of her all-time favourite movies while eating all of her favourite food. You could even help the bride to make all of her wedding favours for her big day as she could surely use all the help she can get or try to find online a affordable absorbent ceramic.

Traditionally, women have always had a party known as a bridal shower, which is a quiet, toned down party consisting of all the brides female relatives who will visit the bride with gifts and “shower” the bride with love and attention. The groom on the other hand would traditionally have a bachelor party which is a wild night on the town to celebrate his impending “loss of freedom”. However, with changing gender roles and with changing times, brides too are having bachelorette parties which are wild parties with her bridal party. In some cases, the bride is thrown both the bridal shower, for her friends and older relatives and also a wild party with her favourite music and her best friends. In some cases, the entire male and female bridal party teams up to throw a join bachelorette party for the bride and groom together.