Own Up To Your Mistakes

No one is perfect; we all make mistakes whether it is in our profession, family life or life in general. By not making mistakes you will be known as a perfect person. However that does not really exist. We should all strive for excellence and not perfection as there is always room to grow and become better at what you do or who you are.

You are able to make better decisions Always justifying the decisions you make is not the right thing to do. This can cause a false reality and prevent you from getting help you require. This can prevent you from meeting the person that is going to bring change to a task you have to do and can also keep you from what you truly want in life. 

Prevents small problems from turning into big onesBy denying that you made a mistake you won’t be able to identify a problem. If this happens a tiny problem will snowball into a huge issue and it will get harder to solve or you will not be able to deal with it at all.

You can get others in trouble.This is one of the worst things you can do. We do not want to get shouted or yelled at but we still have to own up to our mistakes, if we don’t we might not take the blame for a problem but someone else will. If you worked in a cheap rental cars dealership and you scratch a vehicle but don’t own up to it someone else such as an employee or customer who is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time will get in trouble.

This may cause the employee to lose their job or for the company to lose their clientThe same way if you go and car rental honda in Singapore and scratch it and don’t tell the manager the company will lose money because they might have to sell the vehicle at a discounted rate in the future because of the scratch.

Learn from your mistakesThe best way to correct a mistake is to learn from it. If you are a sportsman you should believe there is nothing called losing or failure. Have the attitude you win or you learn. With this attitude you automatically own up for your mistakes by learning from them. Failure only occurs if you give up and start blaming others and taking the easy way out.

Remember mistakes are a part of everyday life and there is no running from it so you might as well learn from it.