Here, Comes The Baby And Now, Everything Is Perfect!

A baby, is precious – just like any other person; they learn to walk, talk and they grow in size and they also are the very prized and bundle of joy a parent could ever have in their lives, they make parents proud with every single thing that they go through they eventually achieve the very biggest and greatest of milestones – which enable them to become independent and grow to live away from their parents. Parents on the other hand are left alone to reminisce and think of their baby all grown up. It is completely difficult to as parents let children go away but sometimes there is always a way to keep some small keepsake of them to show off and keep to ensure that their baby is all grown up. We, were all babies once absolutely void out of knowledge and gradually we developed our cognitive and height and our development surpassed us, that we because strong, egocentric human beings.

Keepsakes, like our pictures
To, specify here, what those keepsakes are and what they mean is an essentially important topic for; it is not very often that many cultures are proven to “keep some part of the child to remember” this is a very strange yet interesting sort of procedure where often that they turn the baby’s first hair (cut after a full month) into something very auspicious and is often known as Tai Mao Bi – this can also, be preserved in many other ways as a keepsake or a memory even the umbilical cord (the child is attached through the mother from this tube)

Which is detached from the stomach of the child after a couple of weeks is a strain and can often be turned into a stamp. Taimaobi in Singapore, is something therefore, is known to be where you can get such things done to help us cease and help keep a moment of passing life.

The different ways we cherish memories
So, regardless – whatever culture you are from this is very unique concept of saving and storing such precious memories in a jar. This still perplexes us as it is the very newer methods of recollection of the ways in which we can never understand; and yet fascinates us – because it is new to our methods. However, Chinese and in China is where this occurs to know something helps a lot and since there are very many different ways to collect memories, and when comparing the usual method of collecting – most people do save the umbilical cord, just like the very first tooth that came off – or even it was your first story book; these are the memories that truly last a lifetime.