Gynecological Health: A Modern Woman’s Best Friend

Health is indeed, the most valuable thing one can hope to have in one’s life. It does not matter if one has money, education, power, or friends; if one is tormented with poor or deteriorating health, then these other valuable parts of one’s life too, will disappear with it.

While modern medicine has undoubtedly advanced in leaps and bounds to be what it is today, saving countless lives in the process, most people are yet to realize the importance of having operate tailor-made healthcare facilities and services for men and women. In no way a sexist criteria, the simple fact that male and female bodies are different means that different levels and types of healthcare are needed for each sex.

Gynecology and obstetrics are one of the most important fields of medicine in the world today. At the very least, an annual visit to a female gynae in Singapore must be an essential part of the life of every single woman today.

However, continuing lapses in proper sex education has meant that the majority of women in society do not fully understand the importance of gynecological health. This issue is deeply rooted in the education system and in a region’s culture itself, especially in developing countries. Sex and sex education are taboo subjects, and hence, young girls are deprived from the very beginning of any understanding that they should get regarding their own bodies. Studies have now prevent that most cases of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, as well as sexual assault could have been avoided if proper sex education was provided form a young age to both men and women.

Women’s bodies go through many significant changes and functions throughout a woman’s lifetime. From menstruation, to childbirth, to menopause, and even miscarriages, women’s bodies are built to survive painful and strenuous bodily functions. However, the lack of proper education and no access to relevant resources means that most women do not receive the gynecological attention they need.
Even though this is the case, many medical organizations and non-profits now work tirelessly to ensure that women around the world receive proper gynecological assistance. Gynaecologist specialists have expanded their services globally, and work tirelessly to treat and educate women.

Technologically advanced medical centers across the world offer special services to those who cannot afford gynecological attention but cannot afford it, and provide comprehensive medical care.

These medical practitioners and non-profit organizations continue to perform the great humanitarian service of working tirelessly towards the improvement of the quality of the lives of women worldwide.