BBQ Hosting And Ideas

Hosting a BBQ is a fun way to spend the weekend, a special holiday or an important occasion. Whether it’s a potluck BBQ or something you’re hosting, prior preparations is vital to make it a success. If you’ve hosted a BBQ party before, you probably know how to get around to doing it, but for all the first timers, listed below are a few tips to help you get started.
Prepare the grill
The grill is what will cook your food, so getting this sorted first is important. If you don’t have a grill, you can either borrow, rent or even buy one. Grills are on sale in several stores, and they vary from size, so depending on your budget you can purchase a grill that is best. Make sure you know how to work the grill; therefore, you won’t be at a loss when the time comes to actually use it. Another option would be to DIY your own grill, if you have the necessary materials and the appropriate guidance, this is a good and money saving option. Don’t forget the charcoal.
Marinate your food
Having sorted your grill, the next main item on your list is the food! You will have to get to marinating your frozen chicken thighs and other meat as early as possible, so that it’ll be full of flavor by the time it’s cooked. There are several recipes online that you can look up when it comes to marinating your meat. Some places even offer already marinated meat so that your job becomes so much easier! Make a list of all the other food items you’ll need and get them the day before. Make sure you have options for vegetarians and vegans if there are any.
Set up the area
The next step is to set up the area on the day of the BBQ! This will require some help, so get all the help you can. Set up the grill/grills, get it started before it’s too late. BBQS are always held outdoors so set the tables and chairs early, place the other food and double check if everything that you need is already in place. Running around looking for items during the party is going to be tiring.
Appoint people in charge
Finally, you’ll have to appoint people to be in charge of several things or a rotating duty roster! Someone experienced should man the BBQ grill, so that they know what exactly they’re doing. Appoint someone to be in charge of the frozen chicken thighs so that it doesn’t get in the way of other meat.
Remember, you cannot do everything on your own so all the extra hands will come in handy. Once you follow through with the above steps, your BBQ party will no doubt be something to look forward to.